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I love canvases because of many reasons: They help you to focus, offer you better conversations with stakeholders, clients, and your team, and it takes just a couple of minutes to start. Regarding Objectives & Key Results (OKR), I developed the following OKR Canvas due to the fact that I saw many teams struggling. They missed e.g. the link between a vision and multiple objectives. They asked me the following questions, which I answered and turned it into an OKR Canvas

Is a vision not similar to an objective?

No. The vision is your long-term goal what do you want to achieve in 3-5 years (or even more or a goal you may never reach;-). As it’s too far away to reach directly. Furthermore, we’re living in a fast-changing world and we need to be prepared for the changing needs and requirements of our customers. Three months‘ objectives help to stay on a continuous improvement track.

Why do we change our metrics every quarter?

As our objectives may change from quarter to quarter it’s necessary to adapt also the respective key result. We want to measure how we achieve our objectives, therefore, it’s important to find measurable key results for every new objective. Nevertheless, you’re OMTM or Northstar metric stays the same. OMTM stands for One Metric That Matters. Amazon could have „# of active prime members“ as their Northstar metric. It lasts longer than one or two OKR cycles.

What are your challenges with Objectives & Key Results?
I’m curious, let’s get in touch.

Get your OKR Canvas

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