Christina Lange
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Christina was born 1984 in a little village in the black forest, Germany. She loves nature and spends her time, whenever it is possible there while running, hiking or sailing. 

Her professional career started as a consultant and trainer in the agency, that was back then specialized on educational marketing. She led several change processes and trained +1000 people in corporate and non-profit organizations. These experiences are the foundation for Christina Lange’s work as an Agile & OKR Coach. 

Christina Lange OKR Coach Düsseldorf

"And the end it's about results and the impact we have! A pragmatic way of collaboration is key to achieve it." 

Since 2014 Christina Lange is based in Düsseldorf. She is passionate about food and therefore happy to work full-time for one of the largest wholesalers in Europe. As a Change Manager, Learning Design Expert, New Work Nerd, Agile Master and OKR Coach she loves to help people and the organization grow. An open, human-centered mindset, a strong focus on simplicity and a favor for experimenting are the foundations of her work with individuals, teams, and organization. In a fast changing and complex world, she is convinced that collaboration is the key to deal with the problems we have in our current (work) lives. Therefore, she refers to the context and the environment we are working in. In the end, every theory must stand up to the practical test and a one size fits all, will never fit. 

In 2020 Christina decided to share her experiences also with other companies and individuals through Pragmatic Change. The mission is to evolve people to use their time in an impactful way. That does not mean to do more, quite the opposite: To do less, but better by focusing on the essentials. As a sidepreneuer Christina Lange has the chance to pass on their practical experience as an OKR Coach and satisfy the thirst for knowledge from other companies. Christina sees herself as a continuous learner and all recommendations she made in her blog reflect her set of agile values and principles. 

Christina Lange | Agile & OKR Coach​

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