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 Hi there! I’m Christina and I help you to achieve your goals in a smarter way. Learn how to be more agile and apply Objectives & Key Results (OKR) for your personal success. 

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How to get your success started

Start your goal-oriented journey now with creating OKRs for your personal success. Based on the agile values and principles, I developed an approach how to apply OKRs for your personal development. No matter if you want to advance your career, start your own business or improve your worklife balance, let’s see how OKRs can help you to achieve your goals.

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Tools & Canvas

Beat your Performance step-by-Step

By implementing pragmatic changes as daily habits, I’m convinced to unleash your potential in a smart and to achieve the goals you focus on. The mission of „Pragmatic Change“ is to evolve people to use their time in an impactful way. That does not mean to do more, quite the opposite: To do less, but better by focusing on the essentials.

Humans have shown over history. We have the power to adapt to a changing world. Nevertheless most of us feel stressed and unfocused. Through out my professional career I enabeled hundreds of people to focus on impact instead of output. As I missed a frame, I defined my own:
Pragmatic Changes – The Playbook
How to unleash your potential the easy way.

Pragmatic by Heart

My name is Christina Lange. I work as an Agile Coach and OKR Master in a great company in Düsseldorf, Germany. Besides that I’m happy to share my experience with other companies and help them improving their way of working.

+ 13 years Intrapreneuer in
Technology, HR & Change
Sidepreneur at Pragmatic Change
Hands-on mentality, results-oriented
& impact-focused

Certified Systemic Coach
Scrum Master,
Kanban Practioner,
OKR Master
& Agile Coach