To bring the theory to life: This is my ultimate objective in my workshops. What good is theory if it does not stand up to practice. I challenge employees and managers alike to reflect and change their behavior.

Off-the-peg workshops are not my thing. I am convinced that the context counts. That is why I adapt to your world. For me, this includes the scope (from 2 hours to a learning journey), the language (German/ English), and the format (online/ offline).

With the Lean-Agile Foundations you start your journey into the world of new work. You will understand the benefit of using agile frameworks and how to apply agile practises. Scrum and Kanban will be no longer just buzzwords for you. Let’s decode them together.

Start with what you do now – that’s one of the Kanban principles. We do this at the Kanban Foundations. We improve your processes in small steps and you will be surprised how big the effect is. Of course we can also measure it in data.

Your goal and planning processes are too slow? OKR (Objectives & Key Results) is the lightweight, fast-cadence framework most of the successful, innovative companies out of the Silicon Valley are using. OKR helps to increase alignment and focus.

Tech companies are facing the challenge of creating digital products their customers really love at an unprecedented speed. In this workshop you will learn the basics of Product Discovery and Product Delivery. Practice-oriented of course!