Work smarter not harder.

Evolving the way we work together is a game-changer in a complex world. It’s about business agility and beyond. The core is to create value and make people love your product. Therefore I focus on outcome in my workshops. People have to change their behaviour. Let’s take the first steps together on the journey. Evolutionary change – let it happen!

Hello world.

My name is Christina Lange. I’m working as an Agile Coach and OKR Master in a great company in Düsseldorf, Germany. Besides that I’m happy to share my experience with other companies and help them improving their way of working.

What matters.

Creating an impact is what matters to me! Therefore, I offer individual workshops and talks to inspire and challenges both – your employees and leaders. The digital world is my home and frameworks like Scrum and Kanban my tools.


Sharing is caring. In my blog, I write about inspiring books, helpful tools and canvas’ and experience in a corporate organization. Furthermore, I’m going to interview practitioners. Let’s discuss what works and what not!