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Sharing is caring. In my blog, I write about inspiring books, helpful tools and canvas’ and experience in a corporate organization. Furthermore, I’m going to interview practitioners. Let’s discuss what works and what not!


How to write a good objective

How to write good objectives

Objectives & Key Results is a collaborative goal-setting framework which was originally invented at Intel by Andrew Grove. In this article I focus on the O in the framework: The Objective.

Pragmatic 5: How to get started with OKR

Objectives & Key Results

In this article, I share my PRAGMATIC 5 about Objectives & Key Result and how to get started in an agile environment...

Get your OKR Canvas here

Get your OKR canvas

I love canvases because of many reasons: They help you to focus, offer you better conversations with stakeholders, clients, and your team, and it takes just a couple of minutes to start...

Is OKR an agile framework?

OKR is sooo agile?!

Is OKR an agile framework? Yes! And why not? I have a pragmatic opinion when it comes to agile practices and frameworks...

Pragmatic 5: how to make better decisions?

How to make better decisions

Five thoughts about how to make better decisions on a personal, team and organizational level....